Romantic story

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Romantic story

Browse Fiction Poetry. Community General Fiction Poetry. Forum General Fiction Poetry. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Best Romance Stories. Focus: General All Categories, Since: Founder: icedfaerie - Stories: - Followers: 96 - id: Looking for a great romance story, but can't find the ones you'll like?

This community has all the greatest romance stories, from all different categories. If you have one to recommend, please don't hesitate to let me know!

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So she decides to write him a love letter and slip it in his locker. Only to realize she had the wrong locker. What's worse is that it was Alex's locker, the bad boy. Dared to Love by Atramento reviews On hiatus - They say you can meet your soulmate anywhere, but I never thought that I'd meet mine in a bar.

I thought I'd be sober when he proposed In fact he was everything I didn't plan and more. But he was gorgeous Family Obligation by IndieRoadTrip reviews Julia was expected to use her economics degree to take over wall street, instead she goes back to the family farm hoping to mend the lifelong debt she feels to her family and possibly fill the void that has become a permanent fixture in her life.

The request is simple - "Find Me". The one who finds me is handsome, charismatic, kind AND eight years my junior. This can't really work. So, why can't I stop thinking about him? I turned and looked at him. Oh God, here goes the last shred of dignity I own.

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I took a deep breath. Speak No Evil by Sakurelle reviews After my recent breakup, my best friend challenges me to stay silent for a whole day.

She then sets me up with the hottest guy in the school. No surprise that I soon learn that mouths are good for more than just talking.Stories Tips And Advice. Info About Short-Story.

Romance Stories

Romance Stories. Display 5 10 15 20 25 30 50 All. Donate a little? Genre Poll Your Favorite Genre? Science Fiction. Sign Up for info from Short-Story. What I Always Dreamed. Written by P. Hits: Vote: Rating: 4. Saccharine Smiles and Sandpaper Personalities.

Written by John L. Where or When. Written by Patric Quinn. A Monument to Perfect Moments. Written by R. Scott Venegas. Vote: 9. Written by James Ross. Sunny Souls. A Lie is Born. Written by Susan C. Rating: 5. Written by Jerry Hogan. Vote: 7. Better Offer. Written by Chris Bedell. Vote: 3. Rating: 3. Hands of Steel, Not Today. Vote: 2. The Lemon Sherbet Cafe. Written by Alicia Aitken. Vote: 6. She Needs To Go.

Written by Brian Glass.Log in Sign Up. Explore New Story. Lit Live Webcams Straight Female. Fun for couples - cams online now! Story Tags Portal romantic. Active tags. Sort by:. Views Rating Favorite Newest. David and Jess Ch. NEW H 4. Diary of a College Cumslut A young girl heads to college and discovers herself. NEW 3. Futa Cum Laude Bk. NEW 4. Christina's Body Pt. Sally A young couple who need help for love to grow. Cruising for Love Was this a shipboard fling or something more?

No Strings Attached Ch. Nanny Sarah Pt. Make It Real A surprise session offered by friend's hot wife. NEW 2.

‘romantic’ stories

Favours Ch. Just One Kiss - Camping One kiss good night while camping leads to so much more. Parting Gifts A college couple have one last passionate bout. Emma Pt. Pen Pals Two uniquely different people bridge a 4, mile separation.

Kevin After four years, Kevin gives me peace. Rebound Ch. It was a Warm Day Pt. The Dance of the Warriors A pair of skilled fighters battle one another. When Ordinary Isn't Ch. Volume 1, Nita Stories; Story 8 An ebony wife finds a lover for her husband. From Friends to Lovers Ch. A Portal Opens Ch. The Passenger Ch. The Love of My Life Pt. By choice or by force Ch. Sequel to Bonded and Bred.Don't you want to read a sexy romantic tale before the bed? After a sweet orgasm first, of course.

Romance sex stories give you all the erotic drama, the sexual tension, the happily-ever-after eternal love. Don't forget to use our powerful story code search engine to fine tune the search: try stories with your favorite codes and without the ones you don't like, and see the live update on the number of stories with your code choices. Find more info at the Story Code Explained help section. Lisa's associate Rachel works on a notorious request on the Extreme Dolls web site. The request offers a ton of cash for a model willing to undergo an extreme sexual torture scene administered by a computer-controlled machine.

Synopsis: Extreme Toyland's Mistress Lisa performs a short live session of extreme nipple torture with her subs Elisa and Rick.

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Miss Crazy J. Mistress Rachel and toy Jessica close the night with severe torture of Jessica's tits, pussy and ass. Three sessions, three chapters. Synopsis: Extreme Toyland's mistress Lisa branches out with an addition to her company. She visits a newly created production room to witness its test run: a scene in which mistress Jane pushes twin sisters well over their limits with uncomfortable restraints, inventive suspension, electro-torture and pins and needles.

Three chapters.

romantic story

A confrontation with his step-daughter tips the balance of power in family dynamics. Synopsis: Meister Hans, a cruel bisexual sadist and former mentor of Mistress Lisa, visits the mansion to drop off two of Lisa's apprentices who had been training with him for a week. He also brings a present. After dinner, a new torture toy is demonstrated and one of Rick's fantasies is brought to life.

As a reward for his entertainment and training services, Lisa lets Hans abuse her sub Elisa. A group of teenage guys jerk-off together into an already cum filled condom Mistress Lisa receives a request for a live session for her web site ExtremeToyland.

A fan supplies her with the necessary torture equipment and Lisa takes a Judas Cradle session out on her masochist Daphne.

Filled with suspension, tit torture, piercing, electrical shocks and bloodplay, this proves to be an intense evening. Synopsis: Mistress Lisa and four of her ultra-masochistic "toys" test newly recruited girls for a new web venture, ExtremeToyland.

A man gets a series of surprises when he stumbles across a gloryhole in an abandoned restroom in an old mallLog in Sign Up. Explore New Story. Lit Live Webcams Straight Female. Fun for couples - cams online now! Story Tags Portal romance. Active tags.

Sort by:. Views Rating Favorite Newest. Trouble on the Kingsroad Assaulted by a group of bandits, but saved by a knight. NEW 3. Daily Life with Furry Girls Ch. NEW H 4. David and Jess Ch. Diary of a College Cumslut A young girl heads to college and discovers herself. NEW 4. A Leatherman on the Prowl Pt. NEW 0 Futa Cum Laude Bk. Christina's Body Pt. Sally A young couple who need help for love to grow. Skaterboi Ch. NEW 5. Cruising for Love Was this a shipboard fling or something more?Sarah stayed late at school for her soccer practice and Britney went to visit her twin best friends Jenna and Tanya.

When Dan came home from work and sat down to dinner, I was looking forward to the alone time.

romantic story

It was so unlike him. Without being able to control it I burst into tears at the table, I felt like I was losing him. With my hands over my eyes I heard his chair scrape against the tile floor as he raced to my side.

I felt my whole body react to his touch. Everything was fine again. My mind stopped racing and my pulse quickened. When we parted, he grabbed my hand and kissed each finger one by one. I was crushed. I expected us to take things further after dinner, but I faked a smile, grabbed the plates, and said.

I went to bed early, feeling even worse than I did before his apology.

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Tomorrow was our anniversary, and all he could talk about was that damn school. After midnight I felt him join me in bed as I lay half asleep. He kissed my shoulder and whispered. My eyes filled with tears, I was being ridiculous. Dan loved me just as much as he ever did, and I just had to support him.

I drifted off to sleep taking comfort in his warmth beside me. I looked at the time, it wasthe girls were already on the bus for school and Dan must have turned off my alarm. I opened the door to our bathroom and the mirror was filled with pictures of me and Dan. Every picture showed us arm in arm, smiling at the camera, and I realized how deeply I loved him. I could have spent hours looking at all the pictures, but stuck on top of all the photos was a post-it note that read:.

I ran my fingers through my hair and walked down the stairs to our kitchen. There was Dan, in a suit at tie, at in the morning.

He was making crepes, and there was already a plate ready for me next to another long stem rose. I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around him. I kissed him the way I did fifteen years ago at the altar. So I sat down at the table and started to nibble on my crepe when he began to speak. Fifteen is a big year for us and I wanted to show you how important you really are to me, not just as the mother of my kids but at the most beautiful and important person in my life.

I got this idea of a school dance. I called all the volunteers, teachers, and organizers of the school to see who was willing to chaperone.

At this point tears were streaming down my cheeks. I wanted something romantic but I never imagined this. He planned every detail. I was in shock.

I was still too amazed to speak.

romantic story

He scooped me up and slowly carried me up the stairs. I hurried over to help him take off his restrictive clothes. I undid the first few buttons of his shirt and started to kiss his neck.With all due respect to the Romeos and Juliets of the world, it's not time to give up on true love just yet.

In honor of Valentine's Daywe've rounded up some of the most heartwarming and heartbreaking true romantic stories from recent years that'll remind you that love sometimes wins out in the end. Country music singer Thomas Rhett and his now-wife Lauren Atkinswhom he met in first grade, started off as childhood sweethearts. But life, as it often does, took them in different directions. After college, they were both dating other people. Luckily, Atkins's dad gave Rhett a nudge. Today, the couple has two daughters, and they're expecting a third in February Over the last five years, Ted Richardson, 93, has visited his late wife's grave at National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific every morning at a.

He pays her back for 72 years of marriage with mini carnations. If there's a story that proves love can conquer all, it's Luke Bryan's. It's not how he met or married his wife, Caroline Boyerthat's remarkable — it's how they became a family of seven. Bryan experienced two tragedies in a row. First, in MayBryan's sister suddenly died. And this is our family picture Happy Thanksgiving! Did they have any regrets about raising five kids, who range in age from tween to young adults?

Romantic Short Film Love Story \ Gutargu \ #shortfilm

Now, the family is full, and the couple is as in love as ever — so much so that Bryan recently made fans blush when he left a saucy comment on Boyer's Instagram.

This young couple's story is proof that tragedy — specifically a catastrophic category 5 hurricane — can't get in the way of true love. In fallHurricane Irma destroyed their home in San Juan, causing the couple to put their wedding on hold. After spending the next few months donating their time and money to relief efforts, the couple released breathtaking engagement photos that captured their island's beauty amid the rubble. Their work didn't go unnoticed: The local community then rallied together to give them the wedding of the dreams.

Glenn Weissan accomplished director and producer, will never forget the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards. While accepting his 14th Emmy for Outstanding Directing for a Variety Special, he proposed to his long-time girlfriend — and the whole world swooned.

Even sweeter, he gave her the ring that his dad gave his mother 67 years ago. After a car accident caused Angela Hartung to forget the last 15 years of her life, her husband had to make her fall in love with him again. Although they had been married for 13 years at the time of her accident, she thought her husband Jeff was a mere stranger after waking up from the medically induced coma. Thanks to patience, persistence, and plenty of photographs, the couple eventually said "I do" for the second time in After hearing about a coworker's cousin in need, a man donated his liver to a complete stranger — and then married her.

Former Marine Chris Dempsey decided to get tested to see if he was a match even though he'd never seen or heard of Heather Krueger before. It turned out, they were a match in more ways than one.

After undergoing the major surgery, the two quickly became more than friends, and tied the knot over a year later. He didn't let that stop him: At his wedding to Emily Summers on April 21,he accomplished his goal by walking down the 7-yard aisle with his new wife by his side.

Roseann Sdoia was watching the Boston Marathon when the bomb went off. The explosion severed the bottom of her left leg, but the firefighter who helped save her life never left her side. Mike Materia held her hand, calming her down as they rushed to the hospital. He later visited Sdoia as she recovered, waiting with her for hours at doctor's appointments. Almost four years later, he proposed to the woman he helped rescue, and their love story even inspired a book.


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