Gomata telugu

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Gomata telugu

Gomutra Filtered Cow Urine is used in Indian culture for purification of a body. People spread Gomutra in their offices, houses, on their body during auspicious occasions. Gomutra attracts divine consciousness which brings us under sattva guna thus it helps in spiritual healing.

Mata yashoda poured Gomutra on Krishna to save him from all ill-will. It is a giver of mental and physical strength. It is used while performing sacrifices Yagya and used as pesticide in garden or farm. It is beneficial as a fertilizer also. Gomutra is good remedy for skin diseases therefore it is used while bath. The Gomutra by special Gir cow is very important during sacrifices. We provide good food and environment to Gir cows due to its importance.

Cow urine helps cure various health problems. Directions: Put a small amount in the hand and sprinkle in different directions.

gomata telugu

Ingredients: Cow urine. We are unable to shipping until courier service start. Product Code. Related Product. I even tasted a few gods while I was drinking it. View all Ratings and Reviews.Favorite Posts. English Quotes. Hindi Quotes.

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Life style. Whatsapp Button works on Mobile Device only.Feel free to speak your mind and share your thoughts and knowledge. Answer the Queries of others.

Please do not expect answers for obvious or personal questions. Gomata Mantra. By Neel N February 24, Gomata or the Cow is since the Vedic period a sacred animal in Hinduism.

The Cow has been referred to on numerous occasions in the Vedas as a representation wealth and happiness. In the olden times the Cow was the source of food as milk and milk products were commonly consumed, hence it was seen as a giver or source of food and held in the highest esteem.

The Cow was and is still seen as a representative of God for the simple reason that it gives its all and does not ask for anything in return, it happily feeds on grass. The Cow is a harmless animal which feeds on grass and does not harm anyone. Along with milk Cow dung which is nothing but an extract of the grass eaten by the Cow is used as fuel in religious ceremonies and homes in ancient times and some even today apply layers of Cow dung as flooring.

Hence Cow slaughter and the consumption of Cow meat was seen in Hinduism as a major sin. One does not kill and eat the one who feeds you. This is a Mantra recited in praise of Gomata. Neel N is the founder of Prophet Post a Comment Feel free to speak your mind and share your thoughts and knowledge. Most Popular Posts. By Neel N August 04, Read more. Most powerful Vashikaran Mantra.

By Neel N March 22, This one here is a most powerful Vashikaran mantra for attraction which is used to attract any person you feel most attracted to,it can be anyone.

This mantra has to be recited for total repetitions oftimes,after which you attain Siddhi[mastery] over the mantra.Read unlimited Telugu books online - its Free! Listen and download Telugu pravachanalu online. Go to Greater Telugu website.

More discourses coming soon. Keep an EYE on this section. Prvachanas delivered by Sri chaganti koteswara rao, Madugula naga phani sharma, Usha sri Sri chaganti koteswa rao gari Telugu pravachanam.

Listen, download Telugu Discourses. Brahma sri chaganti garu one with Saradakataksham. Listen his discourses Get theosophical Inspiration. Welcome to listen Telugu Pravachanalu. Telugu pravachanalu. Brahma sri chaganti garu one with Saradakataksham Listen his discourses Get theosophical Inspiration.

Brahama sri chaganti koteswara rao pravachanalu videos added.

gomata telugu

Thank you!!! Mooka Pancha Sathi Sri chaganti koteswa rao gari Telugu pravachanam. Kalahsteeswara satakamu Sri chaganti pravachanam. Bhaja Govindam- Pravachanam. Bhagavat gita - by Sri Chinna jiyar Swamiji. Maha bharatam - Pravachanam. Soundarya lahari By Brhama sri Chaganti Koteswara rao.

Siva puranam. SaiBaba sacharitra Audio. Sri krishna karnaamrutham By Brhama sri Chaganti Koteswara rao. Bhaagavatam By Brhama sri Chaganti Koteswara rao.She is a miraculous "cow of plenty" who provides her owner whatever he desires and is often portrayed as the mother of other cattle. In iconography, she is generally depicted as a white cow with a female head and breasts, the wings of a bird, and the tail of a peafowl or as a white cow containing various deities within her body.

All cows are venerated in Hinduism as the earthly embodiment of the Kamadhenu. As such, Kamadhenu is not worshipped independently as a goddess, and temples are not dedicated to her honor alone; rather, she is honored by the veneration of cows in general throughout the observant Hindu population. Hindu scriptures provide diverse accounts of the birth of Kamadhenu. While some narrate that she emerged from the churning of the cosmic oceanothers describe her as the daughter of the creator god Dakshaand as the wife of the sage Kashyapa.

Still other scriptures narrate that Kamadhenu was in the possession of either Jamadagni or Vashista both ancient sagesand that kings who tried to steal her from the sage ultimately faced dire consequences for their actions. Kamadhenu plays the important role of providing milk and milk products to be used in her sage-master's oblations; she is also capable of producing fierce warriors to protect him. In addition to dwelling in the sage's hermitage, she is also described as dwelling in Goloka - the realm of the cows - and Patalathe netherworld.

Kamadhenu is often addressed by the proper name Surabhi or Shurbhiwhich is also used as a synonym for an ordinary cow. It can specifically refer to the divine cow Kamadhenu, the mother of cattle who is also sometimes described as a Matrika "mother" goddess. According to Indologist Madeleine BiardeauKamadhenu or Kamaduh is the generic name of the sacred cowwho is regarded as the source of all prosperity in Hinduism. Frederick M. Smith describes Kamadhenu as a "popular and enduring image in Indian art".

Her four legs are the scriptural Vedas ; her horns are the triune gods Brahma tipVishnu middle and Shiva base ; her eyes are the sun and moon gods, her shoulders the fire-god Agni and the wind-god Vayu and her legs the Himalayas. Kamadhenu is often depicted in this form in poster art. Another representation of Kamadhenu shows her with the body of a white Zebu cow, crowned woman's head, colourful eagle wings and a peacock's tail. According to the Philadelphia Museum of Artthis form is influenced by the iconography of the Islamic Buraqwho is portrayed with a horse's body, wings, and a woman's face.

Contemporary poster art also portrays Kamadhenu in this form. A cow, identified with Kamadhenu, is often depicted accompanying the god Dattatreya.

In relation to the deity's iconography, she denotes the Brahminical aspect and Vaishnava connection of the deity contrasting with the accompanying dogs—symbolizing a non-Brahminical aspect.

She also symbolizes the Panch Bhuta the five classical elements in the icon. Dattatreya is sometimes depicted holding the divine cow in one of his hands.

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The Mahabharata Adi Parva book records that Kamadhenu-Surabhi rose from the churning of the cosmic ocean Samudra manthan by the gods and demons to acquire Amrita ambrosia, elixir of life. The Anushasana Parva book of the epic narrates that Surabhi was born from the belch of "the creator" Prajapati Daksha after he drank the Amrita that rose from the Samudra manthan.

Further, Surabhi gave birth to many golden cows called Kapila cowswho were called the mothers of the world.

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According to the RamayanaSurabhi is the daughter of sage Kashyapa and his wife Krodhavashathe daughter of Daksha. Her daughters Rohini and Gandharvi are the mothers of cattle and horses respectively. Still, it is Surabhi who is described as the mother of all cows in the text. The Matsya Purana notes two conflicting descriptions of Surabhi. In one chapter, it describes Surabhi as the consort of Brahma and their union produced the cow Yogishvari,She is then described as the mother of cows and quadrupeds.

In another instance, she is described as a daughter of Daksha, wife of Kashyapa and the mother of cows. The Devi Bhagavata Purana narrates that Krishna and his lover Radha were enjoying dalliance, when they thirsted for milk. So, Krishna created a cow called Surabhi and a calf called Manoratha from the left side of his body, and milked the cow.

When drinking the milk, the milk pot fell on the ground and broke, spilling the milk, which became the Kshirasagarathe cosmic milk ocean. Numerous cows then emerged from the pores of Surabhi's skin and were presented to the cowherd-companions Gopas of Krishna by him. Then Krishna worshipped Surabhi and decreed that she—a cow, the giver of milk and prosperity—be worshipped at Diwali on Bali Pratipada day.Post a Comment Thanks for droppping in your valuable compliments that make me serve you better.

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Nov 27, Komatha Puja. Komatha - Sacred cow with her calf named 'Nandhini' Komatha also called as 'Kamadhenu' is an all wish satisfying cow of Heaven. Worshipping Her along with Her calf named 'Nandhini' is very auspicious. The importance and divinity of Komatha and Nandhini can be known from the story of Sage, 'Viswamitra'.

Vishwamitra was the king in his early life and was known as Kaushika, the descendent of kusha dynasty. Kaushika or Vishwamitra was the son of King Gadhi. He was an expert ruler. Kaushik was very popular among his subjects. Once he had a tour in his kingdom, listening to the complaints of his subjects and advising them the probable remedies.

Once, Vishwamitra and his soldiers took shelter in the Ashram of Rishi Vasishta. Vasishta took well care of his large army and fed them well. Vishwamitra was surprised how it was possible for a sage to take care and made all arrangements to feed such a large army. Vishwamitra wanted to know the mystery from Vasishta. Vashita replied that he had a divine calf Nandini, gifted by Indra. She provided Vasishta with all that he needed.

Kaushika was overwhelmed to know the truth. He decided to possess that cow as he thought that a humble sage like Vasishta did not need it much.

Vishwamitra expressed his desire to sage Vasishta. Vasishta refused the proposal in a polite but steadfast manner. The king was extremely angry. He insulted Brahmarishi Vasishta with coarse words. Vishwamitra ordered his army to seize the cow and drive it to his kingdom. Vasishta to encounter them created an army of fierce warrior with his yogic power.

They fought the army of Vishwamitra and defeated them. Kaushika was imprisoned in the war and presented before Vasishta but the Brahmarishi forgave him and released him with words of advice.Cow is one of the most venerated animals in Hinduism. Hindus often refer to cows as Gomata, divine mother. Cow Mantra and rituals to worship. One of the most venerated animals in Hinduism is the cow.

Infants, children and adults all benefit from the products of cow.

gomata telugu

Thus the responsibility of looking after cows is squarely on human beings. Cow Mantra is recited in praise of Gomata. On the eight day, Indra realized his mistake, came down and apologized to Krishna. The last nipple yeilds maximum milk to human beings. They are natural forces embodied in the form of gods.


Shiva was annoyed with this advice related to food and in fit of rage, banished Nandi to permanently live on earth goomatha help the farmers to produce the extra food crops needed for people to eat every day. This is known as Guadhuli. Once Kamadenu left the Gods and reached the ashram of sage Vasishta.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. It is said in the Vedas that all Gods, Goddess, including the Trinity has their abode in the cow.

The Mahabharata is undoubtedly one of the greatest works of the world, unique in many[ Down south there is a festival that poojx devoted to celebrating the divine mother like creatures. On this day cows are decorated beautifully, their horns are sharpened and fed with tasty sugarcanes and succulent grass. Cow milk is considered the nearest alternative to human milk for human newborns.

One has to tame the raging bulls to win the competition. Pongal is a harvest festival that is more oriented towards worshiping the sun god and the land that feeds all of on.

The people also tend to take a parikrama around the cows to protect and take care of all cows.

Sri Gomatha Ashtottaram Shatanamavali

Mahabharata — An Introduction. Each and every product from a cow is beneficial to man. You must be logged in to post a comment. The second day of Pongal is called as Maatu Pongal, on this day the cows are decorated, fed with best food in return for all the things she gives for farmers.

Thai Pongal is celebrated with great fervor across Tamilnadu and other southern states. We should really be worshiping the entire universe as the Gita teaches us. Sage Vasishta advised King Dilipan to worship Kamadenu as he was childless.

It brings good fortune to those who worship it. Lord Murugan, the son of Shiva and Parvati, is a much revered deity of Hindus[ This divine cow has the capacity to fulfill the very thought of a desire. There is also a funny back-story to the origin of Maatu Pongal, lord Shiva sent his bull Nandi from heaven to the earth to give his message to people that they should have an oil bath every day and eat once a month.

One such animal is Kamadenu. This serves as the basis for all the rituals and pujas we perform for cows today.

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Every year Ppooja is celebrated across the nation. Sushruta Samhita an important Ayurvedic i written over years ago, mentions in its section 45, Sutra verse noand that cow urine is easily digestible, it the functioning of brain, cures cough and colic problems, eczema, leucoderma and numerous other diseases.

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