Continental vs duralast serpentine belt

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Continental vs duralast serpentine belt

The Drive and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links. Read more. The serpentine belt is located in the engine and is responsible for carrying power to critical components of your vehicle, including the air pump, power steering pump, alternator, and other important parts. Lucky enough, there are aftermarket serpentine belt replacements that can get your engine back to operating at its optimal level.

The ACDelco 6K is one of the most durable serpentine belts on the market. This is thanks to its tough construction, featuring EPDM rubber, which is dependable, crack-resistant, and lasts 60 percent longer than most retail belts. The belt also has a flexible construction that can withstand uncountable top and backside bends without losing its tenacity. However, the belt has a narrow top-width that may make the installation process a bit difficult. Compatibility is always an issue with serpentine belts, but that may not be such a huge problem for brand engines like Toyota, Nissan, Honda, GM, and VW.

The belt has six ribs, each measuring The belt has strong tensile cords that can withstand high-horsepower loads without losing its tenacity. You will appreciate the fact that you can install the belt easily, even without using the installation service package offered by Bando. Replacing the belt is also easy, but its smooth performance will give you the sense of your original belt.

This Bando model offers a noise-free ride and is a reliable and affordable product. The Gates serpentine belt is a heavy-duty belt with praiseworthy quality and resistance. The belt is made of high-profile materials that meet OEM standards.

It also has a large load capacity and can perform the roughest applications with utmost precision and efficiency. The belt takes a V-groove design and operates quietly. The belt is 1. Gates also provides an instruction guide to help you when installing the belt. Its heavy-duty construction is suitable for SUVs, trucks, and other tough-application vehicles.

The downside of this product is that the heavy-duty construction comes with a higher price tag than other standard belts. It offers a noise-free ride in standard conditions but may start to get squeaky or vibrate once some snow gets on it. You may also need help installing it due to the thick size if you are concerned about getting the right tension from the automatic belt tensioner. Bando is an award-winning brand recognized by major automotive manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and many others.

Here, we have its serpentine belt with four It's a quality product built to last and ensure excellent engine performance. The belt is super strong and able to carry high horsepower loads without stretching. The ribs are made from an EPDM synthetic rubber that is wear- and tear-resistant. The material is incredibly durable and more heat-resistant than other types of rubber.

Overall, the belt is of excellent quality and will last for a while. It fits as good as the original and is easy to mount. The main issue with this serpentine belt might be the size. It seems that the provided chart is not very accurate, so make sure to double-check the OEM number. Also, the size of the belt might be the reason why some buyers experienced squealing during rides.

If you're looking for a quality belt to replace the old one on your vehicle, check out this ACDelco serpentine belt. It's a heavy-duty item that allows for the engine to work perfectly and provides a long lifespan. With it, you'll be able to drive for thousands of miles without any issues whatsoever.A serpentine belt is another type of belt inside the engine. This belt is a V-ribbed belt that is ribbed along one side.

Because of this, it bends easier and is much more flexible which allows it move and wrap around smaller accessories inside the engine. Specifically, the ribbed side of the belt will come into contact with the grooves that are on the accessory drive pulleys and the flat side comes in contact with a tensioner roller.

The serpentine belt derives its name from its appearance and the way it is able to weave itself in and out of various accessories and pulleys with ease. A serpentine belt lasts longer than traditional drive belts and is much easier to remove and install.

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This belt also transmits power between the steering pump, alternator, water pump and air conditioner compressor. A drive belt is the part inside of your engine that drives all of the accessories that are installed in the engine including the power steering pump, the alternator, the air conditioner compressor and the water pump. The drive belt is made of extremely strong, durable rubber or rubber materials.

Many newer cars may have one or two drive belts, depending on the size and function of the car. A timing belt will have rubber teeth which are molded in and will use a strong fiberglass cordline. Moral of the story: make sure your changing your timing belt on time at its manufacturers suggested change interval or sooner.

Most manufacturers will recommend that this is a good time to replace your rollers and tensioners too. A drive belt is made of very durable rubber material.

Usually, drive belts are made from an oil-resistant rubber such as neoprene or other artificial rubber materials. However, it will still suffer from wear with use over a period of time. Generally, a drive belt will last for 45, — 75, miles or a period of three to five years. A worn belt will usually cause noises, squeaking, squealing or chirping-sounds, which is the warning to have it looked at. Once the belt breaks, the engine will not function properly.

The car will not be able to be driven. If the engine is allowed to run without a working drive belt, it could overheat because the water pump will not be able to circulate antifreeze through the radiator. Your battery light could come on because the alternator has also been interrupted. And, if your car has power steering, the steering pump will not be functioning making steering very stiff and sometimes impossible.

To avoid surprises, it is always advisable to have your drive belt checked when you have your car serviced.

10 Best Serpentine Belts of 2020

The mechanic will look for signs of wear, such as cracking, splits, any damaged or frayed edges, or other signs of wear. If any of these signs are noticeable, replacing the belt is necessary immediately. Replacing either the drive belt or the serpentine belt can be somewhat annoying but it is not very expensive to replace, thankfully. There are a number of things that can cause a drive belt to wear out prematurely including a missing under shield or stretching from oil or coolant leaks.

This is a standard part of automotive maintenance. If you are a skilled do-it-yourselfer, replacing the belt yourself may be an option. When you are ready to replace the belt, make sure to carefully read directions from beginning to end before you begin.

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Remember me. ASC Admin May 20, What is a Serpentine Belt?The Continental portfolio of drive belts for industrial applications not only stands out due to its broad range, but also for its well-matched services. Thanks to tension gauges, online catalogs, or digital and print media in various languages, customers can receive an all- inclusive package to meet their needs from a single source.

Please choose your country or region. United States Ok Change. Drive Belts. Conveyor Belt Systems. Fluid Handling. Power Transmission. Printing Technology. Sealing Systems. Surface Materials. Commercial Vehicles OE. Passenger Cars. Vehicle Applications.

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Industrial Hoses. Hydraulic Hoses. Two Wheeler. Collapsible Tanks. Interior Design. Service Material. Protective Equipment Materials. Accessory Belt Drive.Discussion in ' 2nd Gen. Tacomas ' started by LarueminatiSep 12, Log in or Sign up.

Tacoma World. Welcome to Tacoma World! You are currently viewing as a guest! To get full-access, you need to register for a FREE account. Quick Links: What gauge wire do I need Does anyone elses heater sound like a squirrel trapped in the dashboard? Serpentine Belt, Gates Premium Vs.

continental vs duralast serpentine belt

Continental Elite Discussion in ' 2nd Gen. Post Reply. Been having some squealing issues on damp days with my 4L Tacoma, narrowed it down to the belt and not any of the pulleys.

The belt has 60K on it, it's been squealing on damp startup since probably 25K then goes away once it's warmed up. The belt is still in decent shape, but I did a few tests to confirm the belt was the culprit. Anyhow, I've read some reviews for belts and the Continental Elite formally the goodyear gatorback has popped up as a belt specifically designed to prevent squealing in vehicles that are notorious for it like the tacoma.

Anyone use it? I did see some reviews of people shredding them on other vehicles so that was offputting, which really is why i'm posting this thread.

All the research on tacomaworld i've done, people point towards the Gates premium belt as being the one more people use for their replacement. I guess the stock belts are junk, from what i've read.

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It's still the same design as the factory belt so i'm wondering this this belt will also start squealing in no time? What do people suggest? I'm leaning toward the Continental because the squealing is the main thing i'm trying to prevent. LarueminatiSep 12, Chirping is fine…if you keep any birds. For any car owner, though, this sound spells trouble. More often than not, it calls for a belt change. Which one would be a better and more reliable choice?

On most American vehicles, Gates should be your primary choice in terms of general fit and compatibility. On the other hand, Dayco belts are the OE standard for a lot of Toyota cars. Both brands focus on several product lines and deliver relatively similar performance in all of them:. To some extent, I agree with people in this threadthough.

Gates is vastly superior in terms of timing belt kits and radiator coolant hoses. The thing is, Dayco had those neoprene belts that were more susceptible to ozone degradation. At one point, they switched to EPDM rubber compounds too.

So right now, both Dayco and Gates go for EPDM belts that are more durable and significantly better in terms of quiet operation.

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As I mentioned, Gates is a better fit for most US vehicles. Table of Contents. As far as I know, Gates still manufacture their serpentine belts and a lot of their products in Arkansas.

Obviously, that makes them a Made in the USA brand. A press release from last year here states subsequent rollout on a global scale — first Europe, then Chinese facilities to come. On the other hand, Dayco has already gone global in terms of their supply chain logistics. Modern serpentine belts are made of EPDM material. If you use belt dressing on them, the rubber compound you have there will swell in time.

What happens is that initially, the dressing dampens any belt noise. A common issue is not the belt itself, but rather the pulley and tensioner.Due to shipper and supplier delays, your order may take longer to arrive.

continental vs duralast serpentine belt

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International delivery. United States delivery. Replace your loud, chirpy drive belts with noise-free, stretch-resistant V-belts, PD Light drive belts, and timing belts.

Featured Products. Recent Vehicles.I need serpentine belt.

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I origonally got a dayco belt with a one year warrenty. But I called a mechanic and he said anything less then gates sucks. He was reluctant to do it with the belt I got so i returned it, and he said the belt he had was just about equivelent to the gates brand he mention.

I have no idea what this guy is talking about But all I want to know is a good decent brand for the money. Choose whichever belt is of the higher quality. They had a Duralast and a Dayco to choose from at my AZ store so I asked the guy to bring em both out so I can inspect them and compare. It was pretty clear the Dayco was of a much higher quality. There were also some differences I noticed the Dayco had a groove in the middle of each rib giving it better contact and grabbing surface area and could also see what looked like glitter imbedded or coated on the belt which is some form of abrasive to give it better traction.

It was very evident the Dayco just had much more going on there. You may not have Dayco and Duralast as your only options to choose from so whatever is available just have them bring them all out and take a look. I know several people who worked there and made them.

Also Neither brand belt will need re-tightend from stretching. The Gaterback by goodyear dont impress me at all. Had to tighten them because they will stretch just like other cheap belts. I'll take lonegevity over sound any day.

It had never been changed. Yes, never in all the yrs her buying it new!

continental vs duralast serpentine belt

She never knew it had one? The tensioner was maxed out and siezed. The factory Gates belt still looked like brand new and could still read all wording even.

If Chrysler would of put any other brand belt on this car It would not of made it pastimho because the belt would of broke or stretched and fell off trashing this engine. Like new at k Plus, Gates and Dayco have completely different rib designs that you can plainly see Dayco "W Rib" design.

For the record, I swear by Gates. To me Gates, Goodyear, Dayco in that order. Goodyear at one time was lifetime, don't know if it's still is. Dayco is not bad. Gates is just a more trusted brand because they have not screwed people yet. Otherwise, if at the parts store, I would go with the goodyear gatorback belts.

The gatorback design does make for a quiet belt.


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